Eucharistic Ministers

Women and men trained and commissioned to assist in sharing the Eucharist as part of our parish liturgies or to bring Eucharist to the sick and homebound. If you are interested in this ministry please call the parish office 437-1979

Person in charge - Yolanda Ripley at 920-339-8836 or email

Eucharistic Ministers are scheduled as part of a team. The first number is either 4 or 9 indicating that you serve at either the 4 pm Mass or the 9am Mass. The second letter A,B or C indicates your team assignment.

The Eucharist Teams are as follows:


Team 4A                                                      Team 9A

    T. Doxtater                                             D. Bins

    M. Hanzel (gone 12/20 -3/15)                    R. Ripley

    R. Verboncouer                                       P. Klaus

    T. Spaulding                                           M. Tilot

    D. Bins           




Team 4B                                                 Team 9B

    M Klimek                                            B. Gajeski

    J. Theisen                                          A & M Hendricks

    N Timm                                              J Kehoe

                                                            K Lawniczak

                                                            J. Theisen




Team 4C                                         Team 9C

   L. Larscheid                                    J. Janus

   B. Howland                                     B. & K. Skaletski

   L. Gleason                                      



April 14/15

         Saturday:     4:00 pm - Team 4B

         Sunday:        9:00 am - Team 9B


April 21/22

          Saturday:     4:00 pm - Team 4C

          Sunday:        9:00 am - Team 9C


April 28/29

           Saturday:     4:00 pm - Team 4A

           Sunday:       9:00 pm - Team 9A


May 5/6

            Saturday:     4:00 pm - Team 4B

            Sunday:       9:00 am - Team 9B


May 12/13

           Saturday:     4:00 pm - Team 4C

            Sunday:      9:00 am - Team 9C


May 19/20

                Saturday:     4:00 pm - Tean 4A

                Sunday:       9:00 am - Team 9A

May 26/27

            Saturday:      4:00 pm - Team 4B

            Sunday:        9:00 am - Team 9B


June 2/3

             Saturday:        4:00 pm - Team 4C

             Sunday:          9:00 am - Team 9C


June 9/10

             Saturday:         4:00 pm - Team 4A

             Sunday:           9:00 am - Team 9A


June 16/17

                  Saturday:              4:00 pm - Team 4B

               Sunday:                9:00 am - Team 9B